PS5: GameSpot’s Console And Game Reviews

PS5: GameSpot’s Console And Game Reviews

The PS5 releases this week, and it’s available in either a standard package for $499 or a disc-free version for $399. The consoles are identical in power, and we’ve run the system through its paces in order to see what it can do. Along with that, we’ve also been playing and reviewing the system’s games, including exclusives, to determine which are worth picking up on launch day.

We’ve gathered excerpts from these reviews below, including the games as well as the PS5 hardware itself. This should help you decide whether you want to order the system–you can’t buy it off a store shelf until 2021–and you can check out our PS5 order guide for additional help tracking one down. You’ll also find information on the DualSense controller and its charging station.

PS5 review

“At launch the PS5 is an excellent console that paves the way for a promising future where gaming experiences can evolve in interesting ways and the process of experiencing them is streamlined. Its custom SSD, unique DualSense controller, and powerful specs draw a distinct line between last generation and the next.” — Mat Paget

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Spider-Man: Miles Morales review

“Spider-Man: Miles Morales is a compelling open-world action game that helps highlight why Miles is so special: his culture. It’s Miles’ unique differences and earnest attempts at figuring out how to protect his community that make him into such a wonderful hero, not the mask he wears and superpowers he wields.” — Jordan Ramée

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Astro’s Playroom review

“Astro’s Playroom absolutely goes out of its way to offer clever proof of the PS5’s potential–the DualSense’s new tricks, the improved visuals, the quick load times–the disembodied text at the start of the game sells Astro short. Playroom is an incredibly charming jaunt through a PlayStation-inspired digital theme park, ensuring that your first hop, skip, and jump of the PS5 era is wholly, unequivocally joyful.” — Mike Epstein

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Pulse 3D Headset review

“There are better headsets out there, and perhaps many that are more comfortable, but at $100, Sony has hit a price that is hard to beat for the vivacious and rich audio experience that the Pulse delivers.” — Mat Paget

Read our full Pulse 3D Headset review.

Dirt 5 review

This review is for the game as a whole. It is not specific to PS5.

“Dirt 5 distances itself from the series’ recent past by being an unabashed arcade racer that’s made up of short, action-packed skirmishes where you’re constantly trading paint with a pack of other drivers. There’s an infectious energy to the whole thing that’s reflected in a handling model that sees you hurl its cars around the track with relative ease.” — Richard Wakeling

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