Logan Director James Mangold Calls for Fox News Boycott Following Riots

Logan Director James Mangold Calls for Fox News Boycott Following Riots

James Mangold, the director of movies like Logan, Ford vs. Ferrari, and Walk the Line, is speaking out in the wake of yesterday’s attack on the U.S. Capitol. In a series of tweets, he called on fellow producers and directors to boycott Fox News.

“Watching lawlessness in our capital–thugs supporting a coup–& deeply saddened,” Mangold wrote in a tweet. “The Murdochs have inflicted so much racism, sexism, and virulent lies & damage to our nation.”

Mangold wants movie makers to deprive the Fox News Network not just of appearances, but ads too. “Fellow content makers, we must cancel appearances on Fox & use our power to keep ads 4 our shows off Fox,” he continued.

Mangold’s words are resonating with many following the riots, but some pointed out that some of the director’s most successful films, like those listed above, were made for Fox. “I’m sorry, but when did you realize this? Before or after you made MULTIPLE movies for Fox? I respect your work, but talk about hipocrisy. You’ve helped this. The Murdoch’s have been known a**holes for decades. This is where it was leading,” one user replied. Mangold responded, saying that “there’s a difference between a**holes and traitors, but you still make a good point. I should’ve stood up sooner. We all have lines we draw, often we draw them too late, hoping for change. I regret ever helping the Murdochs make a dollar in the past. They are deplorable.”

Disney dropped the Fox name from its movie and TV studios following its acquisition of Fox’s library last year, and Fox News is a separate entity not included in that acquisition, so Mangold isn’t endangering any of his planned or potential future projects with these statements.

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