Hitman 3 Codes Guide: All The Door Codes, Safe Combinations, And Keypad Solutions

Hitman 3 Codes Guide: All The Door Codes, Safe Combinations, And Keypad Solutions

Hitman 3 has its fair share of locked doors to open and safes to crack, but if you’re observant and persistent enough, you should be able to find the codes to access them. But if you need a helping hand and would rather spare yourself the time required to discover their codes organically, then we’ve compiled all the code solutions to the game’s various locked doors, safes, and keypads for your reference.

For more tips and secrets, be sure to read our . Otherwise, check out our other codes guide below.


There are quite a few locked doors and safes keeping you from getting to your objectives in Dubai. Fortunately, the majority of them are repeated codes.

  • Staff Meeting Room Door Code: 4706
  • Atrium Door Code: 4706
  • Level 2 Security Office Safe Combination: 6927
  • Level 3 Security Office Safe Combination: 6927
  • Penthouse Guest Room Safe Combination: 7465


While the Dartmoor Mission Story titled Means, Motive, And Opportunity leads you directly to the case file objective, there are other ways to get your hands on this elusive document. One way involves getting into Alexa’s office and nabbing it yourself by opening her safe. If you’re savvy enough to break into her office and find the safe, then all you need to do is enter the combination 1975 to get the file.


Berlin has but a single safe you can find and access. It’s located on Level 2 in Rolf Hirschmuller’s office, which you can find in the biker area. The combination is 1989–the year the Berlin Wall fell. You’ll learn that historical tidbit if you listen to the thieving tech staffer talking just outside the office.


There are many locked doors in Chongqing, but lucky for you, they’re only sealed by two possible codes: 0118 and 2552. Below we pinpoint the doors that each of these codes unlocks.

  • Container Door Code To ICA Facility Entrance: 0118
  • ICA Apartment Door Code: 0118
  • Laundromat Door Code: 0118
  • Benchmark Lab Staircase Door Code: 2552
  • Therapy Room Door Code: 2552
  • Arcade Door Code: 2552


You’ll need these codes if you’re looking to nab some of the more flashy, over-the-top assassination challenges in Mendoza. The first is involved with the To Loyalty challenge, while the second helps you complete the Domestic Disturbance challenge.

  • Wine Fridge Vault Code: 1945
  • Villa Basement Door Code: 2006

Carpathian Mountains

This code is for the door locked by a keypad that you’ll encounter not long after starting the mission. The solution to this one is rather simple, as the code is literally written on the wall to your left. But don’t worry, we won’t judge you if you searched up this guide to find this code. So take it, the solution is 1979.

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