Halo Infinite Will Be A “First-Class” Experience On PC

Halo Infinite Will Be A “First-Class” Experience On PC

Halo Infinite is set to launch across Xbox Series X, Series S, Xbox One, and PC this coming Fall, with 343 Industries saying that the latter will be a “first-class” experience.

Unlike every other Halo game before it, Halo Infinite is being developed for PC in tandem with its console versions, allowing 343 Industries to apply lessons already learnt about the platform immediately. David Price, lead weapons designer at 343 Industries, explained that the Master Chief Collection’s rollout on PC has helped the studio with Infinite’s development.

“A major goal for Halo Infinite on PC is to hit that top tier PC experience that is as good or better than other shooters,” explained Price “Having MCC on PC is also a great help. It allows us to get player feedback on a live PC Halo game.”

Part of making Halo Infinite feel at home on PC is finding the right balance with its control scheme on keyboard and mouse. Halo has benefitted from nearly two decades of iterative improvement with its controller scheme, but lead sandbox designer Quinn DelHoyo believes daily testing with the PC version has accelerated the studio’s progress.

“PC as a platform is not going to be a port after we launch the game,” DelHoyo says. “We are playing on PC every day. So now, not only does our game need to feel great and like Halo on a controller like it has natively for the past 20-some-years, the game and all of its systems need to take into account native mouse and keyboard functionality.”

Halo Infinite is getting monthly updates like this one in January as 343 Industries starts revealing more about the shooter after its surprising delay. That includes new descriptions of weapons, breakdowns of new tools and their role in multiplayer, and how the team is spending time polishing all the complete content.

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