Pokemon Go Suicune Guide: Weaknesses, Counters, And How To Catch Shiny Suicune

Pokemon Go Suicune Guide: Weaknesses, Counters, And How To Catch Shiny Suicune

Suicune is returning to Pokemon Go very soon. The Legendary Aurora Pokemon will appear in five-star Raids again beginning Thursday, February 4 (immediately after Raikou‘s departure from the game), giving you another rare chance to capture it. To help you defeat the Legendary, we’ve put together some tips on how to beat and catch Suicune below.

Suicune Raid Schedule

Suicune returns to five-star Raids starting Thursday, February 4, at 10 AM local time, and it’ll remain in the game until the same time on February 9, giving you only a few days to capture it. To participate in a Suicune Raid, you’ll need to have a Raid Pass (to join the battle in-person) or a Remote Raid Pass (to join remotely).


How To Catch Shiny Suicune

During its stint as a Raid boss, you’ll have a chance to encounter a Shiny Suicune. Unfortunately, the chances of finding a Shiny variant are very slim, and there’s no guaranteed way to encounter one. You also won’t know if Suicune is Shiny or not until you’ve defeated the Legendary and reached the catching phase, so your best bet for catching a Shiny is to participate in as many Suicune Raids as you can while the Legendary is still available.

Suicune Counters And Weaknesses

Suicune is a pure Water-type Legendary, which makes it weak to Grass and Electric types. Fortunately, there are plenty of strong monsters of both types to choose from in Pokemon Go, so you shouldn’t have much difficulty defeating it, especially if your Pokemon know Fast and Charged Attacks of their own types. Here are some solid recommendations to use when battling Suicune:

  • Electric Pokemon: Raikou, Zekrom, Electivire, Magnezone, Luxray, Mega Ampharos
  • Grass Pokemon: Mega Venusaur, Roserade, Tangrowth, Sceptile, Mega Abomasnow

Types To Avoid

Since Suicune is a Water type, it has an advantage over Fire, Ground, and Rock Pokemon, so you’ll want to avoid having any of those monsters on your team when battling the Legendary. Keep in mind that Suicune may also know an Ice attack, which will hit Dragon, Grass, and Flying Pokemon super-effectively.

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