Every Mortal Kombat Character Who Showed Up In The Trailer

Every Mortal Kombat Character Who Showed Up In The Trailer

Fun fact: My daughter is named after the Mortal Kombat character, Raiden. So, if there’s anybody looking forward to this new Mortal Kombat movie, which will be debuting in theaters and on HBO Max simultaneously on April 16, 2021, it’s this guy. Luckily, we just got a new trailer that kicks ass. And with said trailer, we saw a whole slew of klassic Mortal Kombat characters who will be appearing in this brand-new movie.

Now, before I get into the characters who will definitely be in this film, as seen in the trailer, I just want to pour a 40 ounce (of blood) for all my favorite kombatants who don’t look like they’ll be making an appearance, unless, of course, they’re a secret. So, in no particular order: Johnny Cage, Kitana (How?), Ermac, Nightwolf, Cyrax, Sektor, and Baraka don’t look to be making an appearance in this movie. But Kabal (Wow!) and Nitara (Seriously?), will apparently be in this film, even though they’re not present in the trailer. But enough sad talk, let’s get on to all the characters we do know will be in this film. Flawless victory.

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