Mayans MC Season 3 Plot Twist Is Dream Come True For Star

Mayans MC Season 3 Plot Twist Is Dream Come True For Star

When it was revealed during Season 2 of that Miguel Galindo (Danny Pino) was actually the son of Felipe Reyes (Edward James Olmos), it was a shocking moment for fans of the series. After all, he’s spent his life believing he was the son of one of Mexico’s most vicious cartel bosses–a role he’s since taken over. Since that revelation, the two characters haven’t shared a single frame of film on the series–until now.

The following contains spoilers for Mayans MC Season 3, Episode 5, which is titled “Dark, Deep-Laid Plans.” If you haven’t watched the latest installment of the biker series, you should veer away now.

In the latest episode, “Dark, Deep-Laid Plans,” Miguel and Felipe came face-to-face in one of the most surprising moments of the new season. In the scene, the two sit in Felipe’s butcher shop as Miguel asks about his late mother, Dita (Ada Morris), and the love Felipe had for her. While you might have expected this to be the moment the older man laid it all on the line and revealed that Miguel was his son, he instead informed the current Galindo cartel head that while he loved Dita, she always remained loyal to his father.

It’s a quiet scene that’s packed with emotion and so much story yet to be told, that fans of the show are certainly going to be bursting at the seams waiting for the moment when the truth finally sees the light of day.

For Pino, though, taking the time to explore this storyline–and whatever kind of bond Miguel and Felipe can forge from it–is practically a dream come true. Speaking to GameSpot, he remembered the first time he encountered Olmos in college and what that moment meant to him.

“Edward James Olmos has been a hero–and I know we use that word all the time, we hear that word in regular life and we toss it around like it’s not meaningful,” he explained. “But I can assure you that for me using that word is accurate. Edward James Olmos came to speak at my undergraduate school in Miami, Florida, when I was there as a student. And I didn’t have an example of anybody who had succeeded in the arts period, much less as an actor–and I was studying acting at my university. So to have Edward James Olmos come and speak as to not only that it was possible, but him being a tangible example of the effort and the possibility of being a professional actor touched me incredibly deeply to meet him.”

He continued, “I prayed that one day [that] I would be able to work with him. And so the fact that not only am I working with him, but that our characters are related in some way, to say that I’m salivating is probably an understatement.”

That said, while Pino knows Felipe is Miguel’s dad and has been waiting to see it play out on the show, he refuses to allow that knowledge to impact how he approaches the twist or his role in it.

“I think as an actor to retain your innocence to certain material, to certain revelations about your character is important,” he said. “And so, you know, to not have that affect the way that you play a scene or the way that you think about certain relationships in scenes is vital, so that you understand the given circumstances for your character–so that you’re able to play the truth of that character and preserve that moment where he or she finds out the truth–to be innocent to that and try and play that moment as authentically as possible and as fully as possible.”

Now, though, the next steps in that story are beginning to play out. What remains to be seen is how Miguel will react when he inevitably finds out who his father truly is. Based on the we’ve seen thus far in Season 3, it’s not going to be pretty.

Mayans MC airs Tuesdays on FX.

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