Monster Hunter Rise’s Melding Pot Is Bugged

Monster Hunter Rise’s Melding Pot Is Bugged

Capcom is investigating another bug in Monster Hunter Rise. As the publisher acknowledged on the official Monster Hunter website, an issue has been discovered with the Melding Pot, the feature that allows you to craft Talismans out of different materials. According to Capcom, the issue in question can cause the Melding Pot to produce the same Talismans in the same order, which could result in you wasting crafting materials.

“We have confirmed a bug for some players when using ‘Melding–Wisp of Mystery’ that results in the same Talismans being produced in the exact same order,” Capcom wrote. “We are currently looking into the cause and how to fix it, so we will post another notification as soon as we find out more.”

This issue arises shortly after Capcom released a version 1.1.2 patch for Monster Hunter Rise. That update resolved a handful of other bugs in the game, including one that prevented some players from opening their save files after they set the Action or Hurt poses to the action bar and quit the game.

There’s been no word yet on when Capcom will release a fix for the Melding Pot issue, but Monster Hunter Rise’s first big post-launch content update is slated to arrive later this month. That will introduce several new monsters to hunt, including Apex Rathalos and the Elder Dragon Chameleos.

Monster Hunter Rise’s 3.0 update will follow “at a later date.” Although Capcom hasn’t shared too many details about that update yet, the publisher teased it will add another ending for the game’s story, as well as several more monsters to hunt.

In other Monster Hunter news, Capcom recently announced that Rise shipped 5 million copies within its first week. To celebrate the milestone, the publisher is giving away a free in-game item bundle for all players. The bundle contains an assortment of helpful consumables, including 30 Mega Potions and 30 Well-Done Steaks.

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