Knockout City Roadmap Details 2021 Content, Including A New Map And Events

Knockout City Roadmap Details 2021 Content, Including A New Map And Events

The breakout success of team dodgeball title Knockout City means it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. EA and Velan Studios revealed the game’s roadmap today, along with the launch date of the game’s second season and everything players can expect to come with it.

Season 2 of Knockout City will start July 27, and it will introduce more cosmetics to the game, along with events and an entirely new map. Knockout City’s second season will also include five new playlists to try out and a new suite of season contracts. A new league play season will also be starting on July 27 along with Season 2.

Players will have another reason to log in to Knockout City with the start of Season 2: daily login bonuses. Every day that players log in to play the game, they will receive a random reward. It’s not clear if there is a pool of items that will be doled out or if players will receive different rewards for playing the game on consecutive days.

Knockout City 2021 Roadmap
Knockout City 2021 Roadmap

Since seasons in Knockout City last nine weeks, it’s pretty easy to say when we can expect the game’s third and fourth seasons, scheduled for the fall and winter respectively, will start. Season 3 of Knockout City will likely launch around September 28, while Season 4 should begin near November 30.

Knockout City’s current event, Heatwave, will run until July 5. For the time being, players in the game can earn new items and play through timed contracts and playlists. Knockout City is also completely free-to-play up until you hit level 25 if you want to give the game a try before buying. Knockout City is also available as part of Xbox Game Pass.

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