Nier Replicant Discounted To $40 On Xbox One And PS4

Nier Replicant Discounted To  On Xbox One And PS4

Physical copies of Nier Replicant for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One is available for $40 at multiple retailers. Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop all have copies of the remake of the original Nier game that was never released in the West on store shelves.

In GameSpot’s Nier Replicant review, critic Michael Higham scored the game an 8/10, writing, “I’m not going to lie, Nier Replicant made me ugly-cry on several occasions. Kainé, Emil, and Weiss will win your heart with their earnest and endearing personalities, making their tragic journey with you and tremendous story moments hit hard. Despite some significant gameplay enhancements, the lengths you have to go to see the story all the way through will be a test of your willpower. But for all its antiquated designs retained from the original version, it’s worth the effort in the end.”

A third Nier game, Nier Reincarnation, releases in the West on July 28 for mobile devices.

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