All iiRcade Cabinets Get $100 Discount, Free Shipping

All iiRcade Cabinets Get 0 Discount, Free Shipping

The startup iiRcade has been picking up steam in recent months with its at-home arcade cabinets, with special editions on the way for games like Mutant Football League and Space Ace. If you’re interested in picking one up, now’s the perfect time, as all cabinets are $100 off and come with free shipping.

Running through Labor Day, the sale includes all cabinets–which means both the standard blue-and-orange design as well as special editions based on specific games–and the free shipping goes to $100, so if your region would have a higher fee than that, you may still see some charge.

L-R: Black Edition Dragon's Lair, Classic Bartop, Retromania, Classic with Stand
L-R: Black Edition Dragon’s Lair, Classic Bartop, Retromania, Classic with Stand

Current iiRcade cabinets that are eligible for the discount (with discounted prices) include:

Unlike competitors such as Arcade1Up (which are seeing increased prices recently on certain systems) the iiRcade uses an online store to supplement its 11 included games. Big-name licensed games on the store include R-Type and its sequel, Shadow Dancer, Space Harrier, Dead Cells, Windjammers, and ToeJam And Earl: Back in the Groove. With the Black Edition, you can also apply a Double Dragon skin or use your own, like I did to turn my cabinet into a Strikers 1945 model. For more on the system, check out our iiRcade review.

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