The Flash Movie Shuts Down Filming Due To On-Location Accident

The Flash Movie Shuts Down Filming Due To On-Location Accident

This report comes to us from GlasgowLive, and is sure to turn a few heads. While it’s currently unclear just how severe of an injury occurred during the accident, a crew member was reportedly taken away in an ambulance. Safe to say that this unfortunate incident threw a wrench into the current filming plans.

The reports all come from eyewitnesses, who allegedly saw the incident occur. The public is sure to be curious about a full report, including how injured he unnamed crew member ultimately was. But according to the witnesses, the crew applauded the ambulance as it left. Hopefully this indicates that the injuries weren’t too serious.

It remains to be seen how this on set injury continues to impact production on The Flash. Andy Muschietti and company have been filming the mysterious solo movie for months now, and each update from the set helps to build anticipation. If the crew member is able to recover, then hopefully filming will continue at speed force.

While moviegoers get to see blockbusters once they’re completed, actually filming can sometimes be a dangerous task. There have been some serious injuries over the past few years, including a motorcycle stunt that resulted in the death of one performer in Deadpool 2. Other chilling incidents also occurred on franchises like The Maze Runner and Resident Evil.

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